July 5, 2012


Images Above (L to R) my dad in his woodworking studio in his mid-twenties,  reclaimed wood coasters, small table recently finished, me and Hillary

Venturing into the unknown. I like to be prepared, but I understand that sometimes just starting is the best way to learn. I'm a fourth generation carpenter, I learned basically everything I know regarding woodworking from my dad.

I've put together a small line of furniture, and some small products that I myself enjoy using, and hope that other people can also find some joy in using. The products will be evolving over time, and new things will be introduced along the way.

I am not alone in this journey, my fiance Hillary has been oh so important and helpful in so many ways.  You will hear more from her soon. This blog will document the forming of our business, and I will try to portray that as best I can. My tendency to drift off in thought will most likely result in other random posts.


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